(junior member)
07/22/05 06:28 PM
Re: Universal

Hi Lisa,

I'm currently on O2 UK with a SE T630, but so far O2 havent said anything about the Universal. If they dont carry the Universal, I'd probably go with T-Mobile. I think my top bid would be around ?450 GBP (I think that's about $800USD???) because as it is, I'm 13 and more than ?450 would be too much to spend in one go. (yes, I have been saving my pocket money for two years!)

The Screen. I know about MS's use of VGA, but I also now that SE_VGA can put it into true VGA mode. If I put my glasses on, I may have a chance of reading the screen in true VGA then. Judging from the pictures I'v seen compared to the Blue Angel or Himalayas, it looks around 3.7", which is acceptable. Would have liked 4" though.....

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