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04/05/06 02:36 PM
240x240 Software Compatibility List

This is a very long list that is being updated daily. In order to keep it growing and not overshadow other topics on this board, some changes have been made.

Starting tomorrow, all future updates to the software list will be posted regularly to the Treo 700 software blog located at:

Don't let the name fool you, all the software is compatible with any 240x240 screen pocket pc.

The flexibility of the blog format will provide you with more useful information such as screenshots, reviews and product comparisons not possible using these message boards.
It will also conserve bandwidth on this board for other topics.

The information will be better organized too, allowing you to find software faster and easier.

My goal is to make the blog the best spot for us "Squares" to get reliable information on compatible applications and games on the Internet.


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