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08/12/06 04:43 PM


If your Start Menu has become messed up to the point that you can't access any programs, I recommend that you connect the device to your PC and use the "Explore" option to mount it like a drive (it's actually called "Mount" in The Missing Sync for Mac OS X).

Place a program into \Windows\StartUp\ - for example, a free file browser like GSFinder, or a copy of your backup program, if you have already used one. Poke the reset pin, and your program will run on the next startup.

If you have a backup, just restore it. If you have to go the file manager route, you will basically need to create shortcuts for your programs and place them in \Windows\Start Menu\ and/or \Windows\Start menu\Programs\. Most file browsers, including GSFinder, allow you to create shortcuts by tap-and-holding on a program (or other file) and then tap-and-holding on a blank area somewhere else and choosing "Paste Shortcut." (This is pretty similar to XP, I think.)

You may be able to recreate the shortcuts directly from your desktop when you are "Exploring" - I just know that this doesn't work for me because Mac OS X aliases and Windows-style shortcuts do not understand each other. However, it's possible that Windows XP shortcuts and Windows Mobile shortcuts do.

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