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10/10/06 07:57 PM
BT DUN on XV6700 - 1xRTT only or EVDO?

Hi all,

I've been playing with my new favorite toy (xv6700) and I love it so far! I followed the instructions word-for-word that I found here and was able to connect my laptop with a dial-up connection over bluetooth - yay! Only later did I find out that the new ROM provides BT DUN out of the box and I'm wondering what the deal was with those settings I tweaked...

Now, four questions:

1) When I connect using the, vzw, #777 settings, am I using voice minutes on my plan, or MB out of my (paid-for) PDA data plan, or neither?

2) This one depends on the answer to #1, but might I be able to connect using a dial-up account of my own (my cable provider gives dial-up access to its customers, and I have a direct dial-up VPN from my work) rather than the Verizon settings without using either my voice minutes or MB from my data plan?

3) My PC was only showing up as being connected at 115kbps, which looks like 1xRTT speeds, not EVDO (would have expected ~500kbps for EVDO). Am I missing something in my setup that would enable EVDO speeds?

4) The bummer part was that after a few minutes of being connected, the connection seemed to have been dropped (my browser kept returning "page not found" even though the Connection Status still said it was Connected), and the backlight was off on my phone but I could still see the Today screen, and it was non-responsive. I had to do a soft reset to get it to wake up. Is that normal?


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