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10/11/06 03:04 PM
Re: BT DUN on XV6700 - 1xRTT only or EVDO?


1) You're using the PDA data plan.

Excellent - since I'm paying for the Unlimited Plan, I'm set to go!


2) I haven't used a dial up style connection to an ISP in some time on Verizon but I think it uses minutes from voice. I'd ask them to be sure. Keep in mind that dialup connections are much, much slower than the EVDO connection offered by Verizon (like 19.2k vs. 500-900k).

Good to know - since I'm using my unlimited data plan there's no need to try either of the other options, so I'm all set.


BTW, it doesn't seem like the "email notification of new replies" option is working...

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