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04/03/07 01:11 AM
xv6700 - Can't synch Outlook Calendar

I just upgraded from a Dell Axim to an xv6700. I've been synching my Dell for years with my office PC (Windows 2000 w/Outlook 2000) using AS v3.8. This morning, I brought the new phone into work to set it up. I had already DL'd AS V4.2 and used that to upgrade the AS that I was using. I followed the set up wizard and set it up to just synch with the my pc and not the exchange server. Everything synch'd, email, files, contacts, except for the Calendar. Going to the MS mobile site suggested upgraded to AS v4.5. I did this, and had the same situation. I then uninstalled AS and used the CD that came with the phone to install AS v4.1, with the same results again. I know there is probably something simple that I'm not doing, but I've got no idea what it is.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what I should do or should change?

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