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11/16/07 10:13 AM
ActiveSync Remote Display

can someone to assist me in making this software work properly? and explained this in plain English.
If you see error message "The OS or CPU of this device is unknown to this
application", it usually means the CPU type of the current device, typically
a Windows CE device, is not recognized by this tool. The workaround is
1. Find the CPU type of the device (from the manual or the manufacturer).
2. Copy <ToolInstallDir>\Devices\wce400\<CPUType>\cerdisp2.exe to the \windows
folder of the device.
3. Run "cerhost2.exe -m" on the desktop/laptop.
4. Run cerdisp2.exe on the device.
5. When the remote display is no longer needed, terminate cerdisp2.exe on
the device. thank you Dale

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