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01/31/10 09:14 PM
Re: Samsung Omnia...

I got the Omnia II. The main decision based on Broadband Mobile as a USB modem on an Internet friendly phone with a big screen. I do research and having access to on-line articles and cases fills in otherwise unproductive time.

The battery life is very good over a long 14-hour workday browsing the Internet and using GPS.

Unfortunately, it is taking a long time figuring out how to clean up the working access screens. Opera looks nice, but call it a 'BING' phone . . . you have to use MS Bing to search or access. Is that a Profit Center for Microsoft?

Hey! How do you bookmark important webpages into Opera, and how do you get rid of all of those redundant MS bookmarks?????

Also, the landscape mode on this very generous and sharp screen has been purposely limited to make it almost a non-item. Shame, shame, shame.

Like many Samsungs, the plasticky feel is trademark, but the overall heft of the phone makes up for it. The back cover barely hangs on by the tiniest of tabs, but the silicon cover will make that weakness a moot point.

The placement and sensitivity of the phone buttons results in Hanging Up on incoming calls just by grabbing the ringing phone. I have to teach myself to only pick up the phone by the edges.

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