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01/04/11 03:12 PM
TP2 with sprints wifi

I am thinking about getting the Sprint TP2 with the primary purpose of making calls and texting. I will therefore just be signing up for Sprints messaging plan. The TP2 will of course accomplish these goals but of course it is also a smart phone. It will work on just the messaging plan and it is wifi capable so I can get online via wifi. I plan to turn off the over the air data connection to avoid large data charges. I believe this will all work fine. I have also been advised to connect via usb to my computer for downloading updates. Eventually I may got to the full messaging plan but for now I am looking to test it out to see if it is worth the extra money.

My questions are as follows.
I have read many very negative reviews of the TP2. Everything from hardware issues to flaky software issues. Have a lot of these issues been resolved with newer phone revs or are they still all valid?
What are the major benefits of the TP2 vs a smaller dedicated messaging phone like say the LG Rumor Touch? (ie spell check, office apps etc.)
I would like to sync with my laptops outlook but my pst file is huge will I have issues? What steps will I need to take to make this work?
Most of the time I am near a wifi hotspot I will also have my computer. Will I ever use the TP2 over wifi?
Other thoughts?

Thanks and I lookforward to the groups collective wisdom!

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