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04/07/05 12:15 AM
e330, needs new digitizer??

I have a e330 pocket pc that I purchased used a couple of months ago used. It has worked great up until a few days ago, now it seems like it's possessed. The screen stopped responding to the stylus, so I hard-booted it and re-aligned the screen and I thought that did the trick, but after a few minutes it stopped doing anything when I tapped the screen again. It also seems like it is doing things on it's own when it is cradled (goes to the time & date setup page by itself). What's odd is it seems to work for a few minutes then it freezes up and if I tap the unit (lightly) on a hard surface it starts working again for a few minutes & then nothing. I am gathering by some of the posts I've read in here that it is more than likely a screen digitizer problem, and I'm wondering if this is so, What I would have to do to fix it? Is this something I could fix myself, & if so where can I get the part? Please let me know If there is anything I can do with this thing. Thanks!

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