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09/16/04 02:20 PM
Re: HP 6315 OS

Thanks for the review Lisa. Have one more question for you or anyone out there. With the new version of Movian VPN I tought I was going to be able to use this device to access my company servers. Unfortnately Certicom told me it does not work with Windows Mobile Phone, only Windows Pocket PC. So my question is:
We have Cisco 501 Pix firewalls. The VPN client that comes with windows I've been told will not work with these firewalls. Is there anyone out there who has a solution which will allow me to use a device like the h6315 and VPN into a Cisco 501 pix? I can't beleive that no one is doing this. I have been researching this for quite some time and every time I think I've found a solution I hit a wall.
I don't want to use WiFi or need to find a hotspot to be able to connect. Currently our laptops make use of the Sprint PCS wireless card (found out about it after reading your review, Thanks!) which allows me to connect from anywhere in the US, and then make use of Remote Desktop (Terminal Services) and take care of issues. So as you can see, even though I have the Sony TR3AP laptop which is small, (I need to have some kind of device with me at all times). It was great walking around Vegas recently while on vacation with the Sony and take care of issues anywhere, since the laptop is so small, but it still is no PDA. 3 pounds of equipment plus accesories in 100 degrees weather will kill your shoulder eventually.
So this is why I was looking for a device like the 6315. If there is a hotspot great, if not then make use of the wireless internet...

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again

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