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09/30/04 08:37 PM
Multi-pairing a 555x and Nokia

Equipment (some on hand and some to be purchased)
Nokia 6620, looking to buy
Jabra BT250, looking to buy
IPAQ 5555 with GPS Sleeve, integral WiFi and BT
Cell Provider is Cingular with EDGE


Multi-pairing of Nokia and IPQ to allow dialing and EDGE downloading, Contact Sync. AND use BT250 head set on Phone

Multi-pairing of Jabra to Phone and IPAQ to allow phone use and GPS use from IPAQ with phone having priority.
Multi-pairing of Jabra to phone and IPAQ for VoIP thru IPAQ and WiFi at work.

Basically I am wanting to pair of 3 pieces of hardware at the same time, but not in use at the same time, and be able to set priorities.


Jabra will not pair to Nokia (Hands free only) and IPAQ (headset) without re-pairing.

IPAQ will not pair to Nokia since one is hands free and the other is head set.

GSM is not available at work so thats where the VoIP-WiFi kicks in.

Order of priorities:
Headset on Phone
Headset on IPAQ

My problem here is that no one forum really fits for an answer, so I am posting on a number of different ones.

If you have any piece of the puzzle please respond. Recommendations on Headset or Phone appreciated.


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