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11/21/04 06:05 PM
Re: HP 6315 OS

Lisa: I read your review. Wonderful.

I am an experienced smartphone user having used the palm based kyocera 6036, 7136, Samsung i300, Treo 300, 270, and 600.

I have really become a critical user of cell phone carriers and have come to the conclusion that what really matters is the quality of cell phone service.

In the past 3 months I have migrated back to Cingular from TMobile. In my region, TMobiles 1900 mhz GSM/GPRS coverage just was not as good as the 850 mhz coverage with Cingular. I became frustrated when my Treo 600 would detect a strong 850 mhz signal from Cingular or 1900 mhz signal from ATT, but the SIM lock would prevent me from using the available network for a voice call, even if there was no TMobile signal. Apparently the roaming agreements between TMobile, ATT, and Cingular only apply to NYC, California, and Northern Nevada. Thanks to my Treo600 being unlocked GSM, I was able to just get a Cingular SIM and I am now happily using my Treo600 in Cingular.

So, I read your review and I am very interested. I really need a quad band phone when I travel. For various reasons I have found the lack of SDIO support for Bluetooth or WiFi limiting with the Treo 600.

My question is simple. How long is the exclusive for the hp iPaq 3615 at TMobile. When will a generic or international iPaq 3615 be available. I want to activate it with no carrier lock on the phone with Cingular.


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