(junior member)
02/01/05 06:58 PM
Re: Font seems to be corrupt on iPAQ hx2750

Hey, how ya doing? Thanks for the reply.


Now that's a bizarre problem.

It certainly is... This is my first PDA and I broke it within 3 days


Have you installed any 3rd party software which might be causing the glitch?

I've installed a number of things... mainly games just to see how it performed. All of this software has been uninstalled via ActiveSync. I can't remember if the font changed after removing one of these pieces of software.


Tried a soft reset to reboot it?

I've done a number of soft/hard resets and the fault is still there.

If it helps the problem only occurs when the system font is bold. I think (I'm pretty sure) the font file is tahomadb.

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