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02/02/05 01:27 PM
Re: navigation gps for ipaq 2215

I went to Radio Shack and got a hockey puck type GPS sensor, works with iPaq, Palm and PC; includes software. They were dumping it and it cost about $30, including software. The software was so-so. There are less cumbersome GPS, including CF card types, costing about $175, w/software. BTW, the best software was from Fugawi - $99, available online. You can create your own charts with it, or purchase from any number of sources, and best of all, it works with any GPS sensor on the iPaq. Basically, scan a map, download, mark lat/lon of three positions, and its a digital map. Works like a charm. They have an ENC version, $199, for using free US government ENC charts, available online, but those are for US waters only. You can get digital European charts from Fugawi or other sources and use them in Fugawi on your iPaq. I have it my 2215. BTW, a better arraignment, in my experience, is to use a Garmin handheld GPS (about $150), and connect it with cables to your iPaq loaded with Fugawi. That works extremely well, and doesn't drain the iPaq battery as quickly. Figure $250 altogther. Best wishes, Cliff Moore

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