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03/21/05 01:36 PM
Re: navigation gps for ipaq 2215

Had a chance to install and use Outdoor Navigator on my iPaq 2215. It is superior in every way. You can't beat the price. The download is a piece of cake, and the charts are full size, official NOAA charts that reduce to a usable scale for the iPaq. I can easily read all the details - depths, bouy #s, Lighthouse and other geographical features - on a chart that covers from Block Island to Martha's Vineyard. Semingly, all of the NOAA charts are available for free (once you've paid the original $20 and registered online) and the download is easy - just indicate the area you want charts for and you get a list of available charts, including land or sea charts - they differ. I installed 8 charts on a 256M CF card with 125M spare. Also, the program meshes nicely with a GPS source - I got a hockey puck type from radio Shack, discontinued, for $30. Very nice fit, short lock times, accurate, easy to use and intuitive functions. Nice little dashboard type window at bottom of the view screen for reading CMG, SOG, XTE, Distince to Target, Bearing to WPT, etc.
Really first rate program for Windows-based PDA.

BTW, you have to have a PC to download and transfer to the PDA, but you cannot read the charts on the PC - just file #'s. This is where Fugawi is better - Fugawi works on the PC as well as the iPaq, but the iPaq version of Fugawi is too cranky, and the price for the ENC version is $198. My advice - go w/Maptech Outdoor Navigator.
Best, Cliff Moore, S/V PELORUS

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