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03/29/05 07:30 AM
Am I expecting too much of the rx3115's display???

First post greets to all! I have recently purchased my first pda ever. My friend convinced me to to take the plunge illustrating all the nifty features of his iPAQ hx2755.

My pockets aren't as deep as his so I saved up a bit, checked out the reviews here on the site, and bought something in my budget...the rx3115.

I compared his display to mine. His was sharper, more crisp with a great deal of contrast, and saturated with color out of box. I wouldn't say my display is fuzzy but seems to lack all of the above and seems diffused in a way like a mature analogue tv. FYI, I bought this unit new.

I tried playing around with the settings but nothing seemed to work. Anyone have any advice? Is there a way to adjust the contrast, color saturation, and/or screen resolution? If so, how do I go about doing it? Or am I expecting too much from my unit (I hope not...the review said it had a good display )??? Thanks for any feedback I receive.


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