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06/27/05 10:18 PM
Re: 3715 Help!?

I had to set up my Outlook to work with my AOL account. It works just fine on my laptop and to receive mail on my iPAQ. Both the iPAQ and the laptop are set with for incoming and for outgoing. When I try to send email, I get this message "The message(s) could not be sent. Check that you have network coverage and that your account information is correct. Then try sending again." I've checked my connections and they are correct. Incoming works fine, outgoing not at all. Very puzzling.

I've noticed that it doesn't close programs, so I've been going in to the memory section and closing the programs myself. It isn't helping. I still can't save anything. I used to have three pictures saved that could rotate on dockware and now I can't even save one. When I look at the main memory, I'm showing 5.26 mb free, 23.29 mb in use and 28.55 mb allocated for storage. For program I'm showing 28.11 mb allocated, 11.51 mb in use, and 16.60 mb free. I don't understand how the iPAQ File Store works and I have a 500 mb SD card installed. For some reason, it is showing up as only 483.56 mb with 2.00 mb in use.

As for the Guest issue, I have not installed any new software to my laptop. No new virus protection and I don't have a firewall (though I've been meaning to look into installing one).

Thanks again!

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