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08/26/03 06:25 AM
Re: iPAQ 2215 review

Q1 Has anyone had similar experiences to the PDA user quoted below?? I am about to buy a iPAQ H2210 (my first). I have seen mostly positive feedback apart from this one.

Q2 Can someone please explain "you-can-only-'partner'-with-two-computers"...
If I have a Desktop computer at home and at work. Will I be able to sync with both computers?? It is not essential if I can not.

Q3 If I was to use my work computer as the main computer that I sync with (emails, calender, address book, tasks etc) since I spend most of my time infront of it, can I sync with my computer at home (or other computer) and just transfer files??


My intro into PDA's is the Handspring Visor. I wanted to upgrade so I ordered a Dell Axim. After I was told about a second delay in shipping without any incentive to keep me as a customer, I bought what I thought would be the next best thing, the iPAQ 2215.


The 'partnership' (sync) at home was less than smooth. As I discussed with other users, it's common to have to disconnect, even soft reboot, then re-sync before it responds correctly. Even when it went 'relatively' well, I could never 'resolve' issues.

So I tried to install the software at work.


(And what's this you-can-only-'partner'-with-two-computers crap? This was NEVER a problem with Palm's software. Should have known better than to go with more Microcrap)

It NEVER even established a connection at work.

Now I see that Pocket Office is far less functional than Documents To Go.

This piece of crap goes back today, and I'm coming home with a new Palm.

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