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08/27/03 06:16 AM
Re: iPAQ 2215 review

Yes, you do still to need to install ActiveSync on a PC to make a guest rather than partnership connection to the Pocket PC. When the Pocket PC is a guest, you can install programs and transfer files, but can't sync Outlook data or syncronized folders. You can also use the pass through Internet connection and also browse any available network shares.

Couple of reasons it could be useful:
1. You already have a home and work partnership, but there's another computer that you use frequently. You'd like to use this computer just to install software or transfer docs to/from the Pocket PC. A guest connection allows you to do these two things.

2. You just want to use the pass through Internet connection, so the Pocket PC has access to the Net or server volumes/network shared folders when in the cradle, but don't want to sync data.

3. You test a lot of Pocket PCs like we do! Since ActiveSync only supports two partnerships, the rest of the units have to be guests.


lisa, so what would be the difference if you just wanted to log it in as a guest? you still would need to install the software to sync it and stuff....

so whats the benifit? or whats the difference?

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