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09/24/03 02:45 AM
Re: iPAQ 2215 review

I recently bought the iPAQ 2215. I am very pleased with it. I had intentionally waited for the PDAs to evolve before getting one. I've had electronic daytimers, etc. in the past and wanted something more useful. When they added Word, Excel, Email, and Internet, that made it worth it (I stayed away from the Palm because it had "COMPATIBLE" programs (we all know what that means). I wanted to wait for them to get some of the bugs out of the OS too. I like the PDA cell phone combination idea, but from what I have heard, the batteries have very limited life (for now). The 2215 has a great program for notes, and the keyboard and transcriber options are great (I'm surprised at how well this works); They are much better and easier to use than that Palm language that everybody that I know had to learn to use their Handsprings and Palms. So far I have only come across one thing that I wish that the 2215 did. I'm still learning how to use it, so it might just be that I haven't figured it out yet. I wish that it was set up so that I could click on a name in my contacts list and set an appointment with them instead of having to type the names in every time. I bought a modem for it and it works great for sending email, etc.. I will be buying a Bluetooth USB adapter for my desktop soon, and hopefully that will give me all of the wireless connection that I need for it (I don't need much). The other thing that I would like to know is if there is a way to get and install the OS? We all know how windows gets loaded up with garbage, I would like to be able to start with a "fresh" install every so often like I have with the other Microsoft Operating Systems (both by choice, and not).

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