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01/19/04 06:03 PM
Reliability and cracked screens

I am considering whether to buy the 4150 or the 2215. I am inclined to go for the 4150 because it's smaller however, reading a lot of the buyer's comments on sites such as Amazon it appears that the 4150 tends to attract a lot more reports of cracked screens, unreliability concerns (e.g. needing to be re-set) and annoying problems e.g. the PDA not being able to connect to the cradle smoothly.Is the 2215 more robust and reliable than the 4150 perhaps because it is slightly bigger and there is at the moment a limit to which you can reduce the size of PDA's without making them fragile/unreliable?
I think the possiblitiy of cracked screens is a killer. If you buy from an internet site like Amazon can you buy extended warranty from elsewhere which includes covering damage to the screen? Which PDA's have a good reliability and durability record with respect to their screens not cracking easily, wearing out or dying? Will all PDA's be liable to crack after a short period of time (say a few months)from every day use including knocks and the occasional dropping?

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