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04/11/05 03:22 AM
Help: Sandisk 256mb + wi-fi card not working with Toshiba e400

Alright well I just bought a Sandisk 256mb + wi-fi card for my toshiba e400. I installed the drivers but once I put the sd card in the sd slot my pda freezes. Any idea as to what is going on? I did some of my own research and the sandisk website stated that:

"Toshiba PDAs have a proprietary SDIO port and only use Bluetooth technology


These PDAs will NOT use SanDisk SD WiFi or WiFi plus cards. Please return them to the place of purchase."

However, in the review posted by Lisa Gade, Editor-in-Chief, she states that:
"This card does not work with Toshiba Pocket PCs other than the e405 and e805, even though they have SDIO slots, due to lack of a software stack for SDIO cards other than Toshiba's Bluetooth SD card."

To my understanding the e400 and the e405 are the same units only with a few software differences.

Would someone please clarify. Thank you for your time.

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