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06/02/06 03:33 PM
Beware Boxwave!

Last week I bought a Palm TX to upgrade from my trusty E2. Over the Memorial Day weekend I ordered a case and a couple things for it from Boxwave in Washington state. I just got the standard shipping on the order.

Today I happened to check the DHL tracking on the shipping to see when the order will arrive. I found out that the order was shipped on 30 May, and arrived on 1 June at the DHL facility about 300 yards from the office I'm working in this week in Virginia. However, I called DHL today (2 June) and asked when it would be delivered, and they said it has to sit in their facility until NEXT TUESDAY (6 June) because Boxwave specifically requires DHL to hold shipments until Boxwave's declared delivery date -- regardless of how fast DHL gets it there.

Needless to say, it will be a cold day in Hades before I order anything again from Boxwave.


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