(junior member)
06/12/08 03:14 PM
Re: Flip Video Camera not totally Mac compatible

Thanks for the insight about youTube picture quality. I noticed youtube now has two modes in which to view a video, ?watch in standard quality? or ?watch in high quality.? This feature does not occcure until 1-2 hours after an upload. My new uploads do look better in the youTube ?watch in high quality.?

I am using QuickTime Pro (7.4.1 [14]) and iMove?O8 (7.1.1 [529]).

Just recheck iMovie?08, the Flip Video AVI and MOV files are stilled ?greyed out? when trying to Import. I am making all my movies in iMove HD the previous version. In additon I still have not downloaded QT 7.4.5 (loss of sound with Flip Videos), I?m waiting for the next upgrade.

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