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09/16/10 04:33 PM
What do you want in your perfect iPhone 4 case?

I'm tired of all these overpriced iPhone cases that are poor both in quality and design. I have an opportunity to design my own iphone cases and before i design my product i would like to get feedback on what other iPhone 4 users want in their case designs. What do you like about certain cases and what do you dislike? If you have any structural ideas to the case or neat gimmicks please feel free to tell me and i will carefully take all of your ideas into consideration.

For example, the protective screen that is built into the front part of the Otterbox defender is something that we would like to incorporate into our own design.
Also, we all know how much it sucks when you pay $35-50 for a case only to have the graphics in the back get scratched up. Another idea would be to have a clear back plate and put the colors and graphics on the inside of the case. This way any scratches will be put on the clear backing and not on the graphics and paint itself.

Please keep in mind that every suggestion will serve to create a better and more economical solution for your iPhone 4 casing needs.

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