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10/12/06 05:54 PM
Treo 700P verses VX6700

I'm trying to decide which phone to get. The VX 6700 or Treo 700P. I travel a lot for business, covering the States West of the Rocky Mountains. So it is very important to me to insure that I am in the best possible communication with my customers and main office in Wisconsin.

I want to replace the number of Gadgets I carry around. cell phone, Ipaq PDA, Two-way Pager w/E-Mail and Verizon Broadband PC Card.

OK this is what I want the best device to do:
? Have a the best possible reception, voice and data
? Use the Phone as a Modem for my computer.
? Outlook for Contact and Calendar feature
? Store and Read PDF, Word and Excel files
? Send and Receive E-Mail

Are there any better suggestions for a device to choose from?

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