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08/31/07 05:37 PM
Re: Treo 600 & Unlock Code

The way this works is that you need a master code or unlock code. This code is based off of your IMEI and network code. Then, to enter the code you need to type I believe... * # * #<8 number code>#

In the word form...
<Star, Pound, Star, Pound, <8 digit code generated off of the IMEI aka unlock code>, Pound.

I'm still working on this code to figure how it is generated. I checked here for some sort of insight.

Usually you can call the place you purchased it at or your service provider and get it unlocked, but very often you will have to call several times to speak to the right person who isn't afraid to give you that information.

Unlocking phones IS legal. You purchase the phone and you purchase the service. They usually show lots of slack on phone prices to buy their service, but the service providers don't make the phones, just purchase them. Motorola makes for many cellular carriers, just because Cingular payed for it and to be locked/"optimized" for their service doesn't make it theres.

Also, many people like to look on-line for an unlock code because they hate dealing with sales people. They do have you jump through a lot of hoops just to get a phone unlocked.

As for the countries go, you'd have to speak to dealers in those areas about their service.

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