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01/10/09 09:14 PM
Re: Historia a software for Windows Mobile Professional Devices has been released

Hi again, i'm happy to inform you that Historia version 2 beta is out, and it's completely new designed software over the 1 version.

Features of Historia include:

# Detailed information on each call , shown nicely in a table.
# Many lines of calls per screen depending on the size of font you choose in the application settings.
# Calls are saved in a CSV txt file in My documents folder. you can open it with excel in your Computer, and work on the data as you wish.
# Colors, each type of call is colored differently: Red - Incoming, Green - Outgoing, Yellow - Missed.
# Filtering option, by type of call or by number.
# Calling a number from within Historia.
# Sending SMS.
# Copying a number to the clipboard.
# Saving a number to the contacts.
# Deleting calls.
# Deleting all calls.
# Specifying the limit of number of calls which will be saved to the csv file.
# Automatic updating of the call list when new calls are made.
# Column width can be changed by the user and the settings is saved.
# Changing the font type and size.

If you want to join the beta group, you have to register to our forum. Once that's done, send us an e-mail with your forum username to and we will give you access to the beta forum. In addition, all beta testers will receive a registration key for Historia, give us your device id as shown in the logon screen of Historia, so we can send you the key.
you can find more info in that post:

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