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01/18/05 10:23 PM
Synchronization SW: Palm OS 3.5 <-> Outlook 2000

Beginning in 2000, I used Intellisync SW on my desktop to synchronize my Visor Deluxe (handspring) with Outlook. I had no complaints about the sync software.

My PC burned down in mid November 2004, and now the same SW will not sync. Just hangs forever on datebook sync with Outlook, and I have to remove the PDA from the cradle to error out and stop. Canceling doesn't even work.

I've since upgraded to a Visor Prism w/ Palm OS v. 3.5.3H1.5. I can try a newer version of Intellisync, but comments on lead me to believe I might be unhappy with their customer service if I have trouble making it work.

There are other sync SW packages available:
SwitchSync Ex 2.0.1
KeySuite ( for Outlook Synchronization ) 3.3.1
PocketMirror Professional ( for Outlook Synchronization ) 3.1.7
and more...

What do users know about these or other sync SW? Has there been a run-off among sync SW that I can find somewhere?


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