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10/20/05 12:34 AM
Re: There is a way of typing other than graffiti. You can type faster

I think this is the best alternative for text entry if you want a virtual keyboard. I really like being able to use my fingers to tap on the keyboard. The keys are big enough to tap, although it still isn't as good at detect my fingernails or fingers and sometimes I get worried that I may press too hard, thinking it's a key when it's just a glass screen. So, I usually use my stylus to tap the keys. And doing it this way is probably the best since it detects the taps so accurately (something that the Palm pop up keyboard can't do) that I can expect to compose my sentences without much revision or editing. I was extremely frustrated with the Palm pop up keyboard and Graffiti 2. Having this, especially still workable on a 320x320 screen (most of them are for 320x480 screens) makes it a great software. The main thing I don't like is the price. Way too expensive for a keyboard. I've already paid for Tapsmart Keylink, an IR keyboard so I guess I can deal with the [Demo].

There are other ways to speed up graffiti entry like using text completion software. And you don't have to try to learn a new way like Fitaly or MessageEase.

If the price were closer to $15 or less, I'd buy it. But great software nevertheless. And it would also be nice if the program were smaller.

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