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11/10/05 10:52 PM
Re: There is a way of typing other than graffiti. You can type faster

For a truly innovative and practical keyboard, try MessagEase! from Exideas!

This keyboard is designed and optimized for a single finger or stylus; QWEWRTY is made for ten fingers. The letter arrangements are based on their frequencies: you tap on keys to enter frequent letters and drag directionally for less frequent letter. This innovation (and it is patented) enables the keyboard to be super compact, with fewer, larger keys.

Given the same space, MessagEase's keyboard are 2.5 times that of QWERTY or other QWWERTY-driven keyboards.

MessagEase is already available for all Palm models, Pocket PCs and Tablet PCs, and is applicable to cell phones as well.

See a short video (3 min.) of MessagEase in action here.

Read a review of MessagEase for Pocket PC and Palm here.

visit for more info and downloads

Download it now and see for yourself! The first two months of MessagEase is FREE!

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