01/11/06 05:07 PM
Calorie Counting Software

Well, it's well into 2006 now and I'm actually trying to keep up with a lot of the resolutions/goals I made a few weeks ago.

I imagine that I'm not alone in trying to shed at least a few pounds this year.

One big part of controlling your eating habits is counting calories; I've been doing a pen and pencil version of it and just guesstimating what I'm doing - But I'd imagine that this is the kind of thing that must already have some great Palm software for it.

So, I did a google search and a search on Palmgear.com; now i'm overwhelmed by my options...

Does anyone here have experience with this sort of program? If so, what do you like about the version you are/were using compared to others?

(I realize that this can be a sorta personal preference thing, but there have to be some features / options that are better done by some software producers than others...)

Any thoughts?

Lisa, any chance of a software round-up on this topic?

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