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12/09/04 09:56 PM
LOGITECH Headset troubles

Hello out there!

I have read that good article about the LOGITECH Mobile Freedom Headset from Mr. Tong Zhang on your site. Well, that article made me buy it....

Well, the Headset is very good when you use it with the phone. But I can't get it perfectly running with my PDA. I have an ASUS A620BT Pocket PC. The PPC connects to the Headset with no problems. Also using the Headset as a microphone is working very good.
But as soon as I want to listen to some MP3 songs it does not satisfy me.
The volume is very silent. It is even hard to follow when you listen to spoken words, eg. audiobooks.
The volume when using the telephone is very good and loud enough to understand everything clearly.
But I wonder how I can make the quality better when using the PPC.

Does anyone have suggestions?

Thank you in advance,


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