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10/19/05 03:43 AM
Bluetooth hands-free speakers, which one's best?

Wondering if any out there have compared the latest generation of Bluetooth hands-free speakers, such as the Motorola HF820, HF850 and IHF1000, the Jabra SP100, and the Parrot Easy Drive. These are the larger external speakers/transmitters that clip on your visor or stick out of your cig. socket, not earpiece sets. All claim to be very loud to hear clearly over road noise, and very good at transmitting your voice to the caller without external background noise or echo from your end. The Parrot is the only one that got a formal review on this site so far (an earlier version of the Motorola did also). The can run from $75 - $200, and I can certainly buy each one to try out, returning the ones I don't like, but if folks out there have already compared them and clarified which is clearest, loudest, and most compatible with variety of cell-phones, that would save me some runaround. Thanks

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