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12/09/06 09:59 PM
Playing low-quality MP3 audio over Bluetooth (Samsung Blackjack)

I've recently purchased a Blackjack, and I'm quite interested in using to play recorded MP3s of my talk radio shows. The recordings are 24-64kbps recordings from broadcast, so I'm fine with low-quality mono playback. I seem to be in the minority in that most people are interested in enjoying high-quality music playback.

At any rate, after pairing my Blackjack with my Jabra BT350 and switching to the "Headset" profile, phone activity over BT worked fine, but when I fired up the pre-installed WMP to play an MP3, it came over my phone speakers. Disappointing. I was advised by a Windows Mobile developer to "check out A2DP." Apparently, the Blackjack supports this BT A2DP profile (among others) and adjusting this profile might get me what I want. Unfortunately, I can't seem to navigate my menus to anything resembling BT Profiles.

Is this a hardware issue? Do I need a A2DP headset to listen to MP3 from my Blackjack? Would I fare any better with the wired headphones that Samsung offers as an accessory?

Thank you in advance for any guidance.


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