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11/16/07 03:11 PM
HTC bluetooth issue

I recently purchased a new HTC S710 smartphone with which I am very pleased. I have, however, certain bluetooth connection issues. Although the S710 connects flawlessly via bluetooth to a many of my devices (HP iPAQ, Lenovo ThinkPad X60s, Logitech bluetooth headset, etc) it seems not to find any of my Holux GPSs (M-1000, GR-231, GPSlim240) or the SuperTooth II bluetooth hands free unit. I have made numerous attempts to try to "find" these devices with the Bluetooth Explorer, and have also turned the S710 and bluetooth devices in question on and off a couple of times but without any luck. Although I have used several WM 2003 and WM5 PDAs without any real bluetooth issues in the past this is my first experience with WM6. Is this a WM6 issue? I have spent quite a bit of time searching for possible answers on the web and, although I did not find any solutions. Any ideas please?

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