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10/17/04 12:50 AM
New Gateway M275E problem - doesn't rest flat

I bought a Gateway M275E last Wednesday... it is a great machine and I love it! However, I found that the machine was not resting flat on all four corners and so it sort of wobbled like a chair with one leg shorter than the others. I took it back (to CDW) and got a new one in exchange (same model) , and surprisingly enough, the new one has the same problem too! I have tried different flat surfaces at home, work, school, etc., so I am pretty sure it is the machine, and not the surface.

I called Gateway, and they said they were not aware of this type of problem (they did tell me that I could stick a tape on the side which is not resting down on the table!)

Is this how all Gateway M275s are? Has anyone else run into this problem? I am wondering whether I should take this one back and get another one. Any tips would be very helpful. Except for this problem, the machine works really great.


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