05/06/05 04:13 PM
New Toshiba 14" Tab PC purchased, wondering....

So now I have this wonderful do it all PC that can (apparently) give me text from my voice and from my scribbles. (no I have not powered it up yet!!!!!!!!!!!!0 I saw a 12" screen TAB in Compusa and was thoroughly impressed with the handwriting translation to text, so bought the bigger and better item.
Here/now I have this THING and its operating manual is about as thick as one of the yearly symphony programs, and almost the same information...
Meaning literally NO info on the voice or the tablet use itself???!!!!!!!!
What am I missing here? Does all the 'help' come from within the machine? Or M I supposed to track down the info on Tosh site and DL or purchase it???????????
What he said was THIS IS STUPID. Where are my manuals for these two new technologies?????????????????

Knowlegible intelligent responses appreciated. You should see my old Sony computer big as Sony for Dummys.....


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