06/21/05 12:49 PM
Re: New Toshiba 14" Tab PC in use

Referenced item continues to be yust fine. Prefer working with stylus rather than the mini finger pad, for drawing and standard text work. Not currently using a mouse at all.
jumped into voice area, bad news is that there is NO voice to text converter included. My misteak, think couple other tablets do. I did, however, utilize jyst to test, the machine reading to me. The program includes voice commands (not yet tried) and the apparent scenario of multisking by a human, that is, you use IE to web browse and the software will read your browsed documents to you, while you continue to do whatever....
I lied to the machine, and opened IE (I do not use it for my browser, am a happy Firefox conver. Then I opened a new msg to send, and pasted info I had typed for another use, into the msg box. And yes VIrginia, it was correctly read back to me.
Also have tried the Alias Sketchbook again, but its different enough from Photoshop and others that I care not for another learning curve. Have to assume its OK tho, no apparent hangups yet havent found out how to copy/capture part of the image.
Thats it from Lake Toshiba, folks. Useful batt time, often using it for an hour or so then shutting down, still about 3 hours.

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