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07/09/05 05:48 PM
Re: Tablet PC vs Notebooks & Wacom pads opinions

Thanks for the answers.

There is no such thing as Barnes & Noble here.

Machines like the Tecra M4 are not available in shops - I have to buy online, unseen, hence the questions. I have done extensive research and much of the information was vague at best; there were no clear answers to any of the questions I posted. If I could just walk into a shop and try a tablet PC I wouldn't waste hours online trying to get information.

There are many equivalent notebooks.

Penabled is not the same as uses a pen. Some tablets are not penabled. I now know that most second generation models are penabled.

I am not aware of any reviews comparing using the Intuos3 versus a Tablet PC using Wacom's screen technology. Getting feedback from people who use their equipment for more than just art or just general computer tasks is important.

Every Wacom tablet model is different. Newer models have new features.

Wacom and Toshiba both had vague information about the replacement pens on their sites and they didn't respond to me queries.

For Maya I'm currently using the learning edition of 6.5 - cost me $20; and I picked up a copy of Photoshop 7 for a song.

It is very easy to use 1Gb of RAM when coding, and almost as easy with graphics.

It does look like the Tecra M4 will be a decent desktop replacement - 2GHz processor, 1Gb RAM plus the 6600 Go will make it more powerful than my current desktop. And if I feel the need I can always connect it to my desktop display for final work.

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