06/20/06 01:57 PM
Re: New Toshiba 14" Tab PC in use

So here i sit, using me old GTWY 1.4 celery machine desktop and write boutg my Toshiba Convertible.
Still ticks on. U can change ikon size, but they seem to revert back to mini size. Couplea network connections I toyed with now are agitated and every time I log on say "I aint right fix me" and I must close these two windows EVERY time. Likewise for my printer, 'I aint configgered fix me.". WHERE IS THE CANCEL FOR ALL THIS GARBAGE?
I want to attempt to record some stuff to my LiteOn ext DVDRW drive USB.
Well i can usually, course now Tosh sells same item with more ram and a full DVDRW drive not just DVDread, for less $ than I paid with rebate.
THANKS toshiba.
I attempted to do something, what, yes it was connect my Firewire on tosh to my firewire of my also new ext DVD recorder, appliance style.
Well they would not talk, then find there is some kind of dingaling thing I am supposed to initiate that acts like a radar and shows my connections. More playing with that and all I got was those two warnings every time I sign on. BUT it was no help with my FIrewire coonnection......
IMHO Toshiba has too _)(@#_$()@#$ many engineers thinking of ways to assist people who dont need assisting, they just need the )(*IQ#)(IER()Q machine to WORK. Seriously folks, over a year and I still cant deal with all the CRAP Toshiba thinks is useful, serves only to clutter up the Ram, swap files, etc.
Wood I buy another Toshiba??? NO NO NO
I am going to the mall next couplea days to the GTWY display to see how bad their convertible is garbaged up. If it aint, I will save my stuff to DVD, and wipe clean by reinstalling WINXP and put her up for sale in the Bay.
A year of nuisance has been enuf. and that pen, with its invisible clicker, DUUUH. Did their engineers ever think you wanted to see WHERE the clicker was????

Larry in Mich

PS I bot a 19" Dell hi rez swiveling monitor LCD, super item,the concept of having an extended desktop is cool. great for two items open to see fully. FYI

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