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10/24/03 02:21 AM
Re: Tablet PC comparison

I went to Gateway and checked out their Tablet.
I'm more disapointed now than ever.
I thought that they would at least have a program that worked like the Notes program in my iPAQ. I would have seriously considered buying it if it had something that worked like that with the ability to create different pads of "paper" and flip through pages like you would a regular notebook. Instead, it's just a battery guzzling PC that works with Word and Sticky Notes. The transcriber only works in window that appears at the bottom of Word and takes up 1/4 of the screen.
The sylus is way too slow too.

So, if any software / hardware developers read this, make a tablet PC that can work outside of Windows or on a limited platform with reduced power usage. Also make a program that makes the stupid thing useful for what you advertise it as. A tablet that you can actually write on the entire screen for taking notes, drafting sketches, and create different notebooks to keep things separate is what would make the thing actually useful. Have it so that it is in HTML format or something useful too. Make it so that it transcribes like the iPAQ.

I think I'll buy 3X the laptop for 1/2 the price and get something that's a lot more useful than a product that doesn't even come close to what it should.

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