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06/18/04 12:35 AM
Re: OQO handheld XP device


It's hard to say what "official" means when it comes to the oft-delayed OQO. But I do believe that's their most recent statement: Q1 2005.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out the Sony Vaio U50 and U70 review we'll be posting shortly-- very similar concept to the OQO.

NO, Lisa !!!

The OQO release date has NEVER been Q1 2005, that's the lastest FlipStart release date!!

Up to this date the OQO release date is still Fall 2004; look up the OQO site.

On a different note, the HUGE U50/70 is TWICE as big as the OQO!!

To each his own if you want a pocketable device, the OQO is the one, else you'll have a non fully supported (no English character recognition for example) and twice as big and up to around $1,000 more expensive device.


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