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11/28/05 01:30 AM
Averatec deceptive advertising and unresponsiveness: WARNING

Purchase Averatec products at your own risk.

I bought the adorable Averatec 1050. Loved it, until I discovered that the advertised XP-Pro included is not a standard XP version! Without disclosing this fact, Averatec ships the laptop with a proprietary version that Microsoft licenses to Averatec but which, according to the MS website, MS does not support. It has a proprietary recovery system, not the standard XP "system restore". This prevents me from using the computer as I need to, by partitioning the hard drive.

Through a series of frustrating phone calls and emails, here's how the company responded:
1. I called to ask how to partition the hard drive. They said "you can't."
2. I asked for the "real" version of XP Pro that's advertised. They said "you get what you got." They insisted it IS the "real" version.
3. I asked if I can wipe it and install a "real" XP pro that I buy -- they said it will void the warranty.

Calling the company (located in Orange County, California), you can't get past the sales or customer support people (who I think are the same people.) The recorded message at the main number instructed me to ask for the name of the person I want to talk to -- but the sales/customer service people won't give me names of anyone in the company. Then they just stopped responding to my emails altogether. I prefer email, because I want a record of the interaction.

I either want a refund or a "real" MS supported version of XP Pro as advertised. Looks like Small Claims Court may be my only option. Any suggestions?

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