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11/30/10 11:10 PM
Re: Installing Vista on MacBook Pro 2nd HDD

Thanks LisaG. I finally got it working and here is how it worked for the record. I have a 2010 17" MBP with the I7 CPU and 8GB DRAM. Originally, I wanted to load Windows Vista on a 2nd HDD replacing the DVD Superdrive and moving it to external enclosure. I'll spare you and anyone else that finds this thread all the things that didn't work, but suffice it to say this was the ONLY way I could get it to work. I installed the Windows destined HDD to the primary space and re-installed the Superdrive back in it's original position. After messing around with Windows Vista forever and never getting it to work, I went to Windows 7 and it loaded immediately. I was able to load the OS, update all the drivers and just about everything works with the exception of the WIFI controller and the iSight controller. I haven't spent enough time as of this writing to find Windows drivers for the wireless network controller (assuming they exist) but I'm sure I'll get something worked out. The wired Ethernet works just fine. I re-installed the OSX drive to the primary position, moved the Windows 7 drive to the secondary position and I am able to boot to both without any issues. I've also proved the USB cabled Superdrive works just fine in both OS's as well, however there are some oddities such as not being able to use the eject button on the keyboard any longer in either OS. I have to click on the mounted DVD to eject (no biggie). You were right on the secondary SATA position causing problems with the Windows installation. Thanks LisaG and Jacob for responding to me and I hope this helps anyone else trying to dual boot with separate drives on a MacBook Pro (no Boot Camp). Best to you both.

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