(Head Honcho)
02/16/12 04:10 AM
Re: intel HD 3000 vs dedicated graphics

The Envy Spectre is a beautiful looking machine, and it is mostly about looks. It's pretty much got Ultrabook internals, and that means decent business and everyday use, but it's not a powerhouse portable. If you want to do video editing, I'd definitely go with dedicated graphics. The Envy 15 is quite powerful and would be good for video editing, and it would handle Photoshop and website creation easily. Intel HD 3000 graphics is actually decent for photo editing in Photoshop, but if you work with large (20 meg+) images in volume daily, the dedicated graphics will speed up filters.

The dedicated Nvidia graphics can run the internal display and 2 external monitors simultaneously. Intel graphics can run two displays total: the internal panel and a monitor or two monitors but no internal display.

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