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02/16/12 06:09 PM
Re: intel HD 3000 vs dedicated graphics

HP envy 15 looks like a great machine and there are some negatives that are holding me back.
1. the "bounce" of the keyboard when you did your review against the samsung laptop, i'm hoping it's only like that when you press down firmly and not when doing casual typing.
2. red and orange issue, I'm somewhat color blind, so this is minor issue to me as I probably couldnt' tell difference anyway.
3. bad reviews on the trackpad.
4. size, this is a personal thing i can get ovr very fast, this thing hasn't made it's way into stores yet for me to get my hands on it.

all in all, i'm leaning toward the envy, HP has a 21 day money back warranty so I guess I should just take the plunge although if I can get everyting that an envy 15 had in 14 inch laptop taht would be my perfect laptops.

anyway, thanks for the help and great reviews. will check out the lenovo.

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