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03/31/13 04:28 PM
Setting-up a 13.3" Samsung Series 7 Ultra (NP740U3E-A01UB)

First, I would like to congratulate and thank Lisa Gade for her video reviews. Based on her review I purchased a Samsung Series 7 Ultra (NP740U3E-A01UB).

For several hours I thought that my unit was defective. When I ran the Windows Experience Index assessment, I got a 3.6 processor score rather than the 6.9 processor score shown on Lisa's video review. Samsung's technical support did not help at all and I was decided on returning the notebook to Best Buy. However, after restoring the PC to its factory state with Recovery (F4), I ran the Windows Experience Assessment again and got the expected 6.9 processor score.

Now that I am back to square one, I would like to ask Lisa two questions:

(1) What is the safest way of deleting the recovery partition to reclaim the space? I already exported the factory disk image to an external storage device.

(2) What 4GB memory module should I purchase so that it matches the installed memory module?

Thank you for your help.

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