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04/25/13 10:32 PM
Re: Setting-up a 13.3" Samsung Series 7 Ultra (NP740U3E-A01UB)

The advantage of using the Paragon Copy Hard Disk Wizard was that I did not have to resize the C: drive partition or be concerned with the alignment of the partitions.

My Samsung Series 7 Ultra has a total of 5 partitions as follows:

Recovery Partition - 499 MB
EFI System Partition - 300 MB
C: Drive - 216.85 GB
Recovery Partition - 19.72 GB
Recovery Partition - 1.00 GB

Except for the C: drive, all the partitions in the replacement Crucial SSD have the same size as in the original Samsung SSD.

I remember that in the original Samsung SSD drive one partition could not be optimized but I do not remember which one. I will to determine why Windows can see the recovery and EFI partitions in Disk Management but not in Optimize Drives.

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